TMA - Talent Insight

TMA is a web-based global project used to recruit and manage talent.

Technologies Used

ASP.Net MVC Microsoft Azure Entity Framework LINQ SendGrid Web API Bootstrap jQuery KnockoutJS iTextSharp SpreadsheetLight NovaCode


It works in Multiple languages: English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Français, Dansk, Español, Português, العربية, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Русский, Swahili, Swedish

Tests and Assessments

It has a varied kind and level of tests and assessments that help to recruit candidates into the organization/ help the recruited candidates based on their skill level. It is mainly used for HR departments.


  • Use of Microsoft Azure
  • API Development for both web and mobile apps
  • Both a web view and downloadable report feature are implemented to access the detailed assessments
  • Generation of Reports in Pdf using iTextsharp, Excel file using Spreadsheetlight, Word file using NovaCode.
  • Sendgrid for email sending.
  • Use of graphs and pie-charts on the dashboard.
  • API clients have separate logins. Each having their own set of candidates w.r.t their specified roles.
  • Polymorphic assessment of a candidate.