Secure Coin

This platform automates the investment process between user and receiver which exist mainly in two categories: ZAR and Bitcoin. The admin of the platform has all the information/list of entries, approval and pending requests etc.

Technologies Used

ASP.Net MVC Web API Dapper jQuery SendGrid

ZAR User | Bitcoin User | User Side | Admin Side | Dashboard | Investment | Maturity | Approval | Donor | OTP verification | Pledge Amount | Bonus | Maturity Period

  • New User has to register as ZAR/Bitcoin user (in order to Select Account Type), followed by an Email OTP verification while the Registered users can login and work with Dashboard.
  • As soon as user of a particular account places an order, The admin links it with an appropriate Receiver.
  • The user now has to pay and the wait for the receivers approval/denial of request.
  • On getting approved, the user will wait for its maturity period.
  • On denial of request, The user gets inactive and his amount gets dishonored.
  • Soon after/on maturity, the User can work as a Receiver i.e on clicking Withdraw.