Floor Heating

Floor heating project is an in-house web application software used in Australia which provides heating solutions for new and existing buildings in residential, commercial and industrial environments. It also deals with the heating products including floor heating and radiant overhead heating.

Technologies Used

ASP.Net MVC Dapper Repository Pattern FullCalendar SendGrid Google Maps Third Party API jQuery iTextSharp SpreadsheetLight

Instant Estimation Tool

It accepts some inputs from the user like area, levels and zones and then returns a report containing an estimation for the respective installation.

Hydronic / Electric / Comfort-line Wizards

  • API interaction to get latest documents and showing the filtered results on the basis of - Quote Type/Latest Document always on top / New documents in different section.
  • Copying the existing Document information to the current Document in just 2 easy steps.
  • Not allow two users to work on same document to remove ambiguity.
  • Well-featured stepper wizard enabling user to fill up the information with ease.
  • Creating Zones and linking them with radiators/manifolds/heaters with different configuration.
  • Polymorphic report views – Design Summary/ Review Costing / Invoice generation.
  • PDF writing with iTextSharp and DOC writing with NovaCode - enabled feature for specification and scheduled type reports.
  • Uploading the finalized Quote to the API.

Scheduler Wizard - manage task with your ease

  • Notify the user about the pending tasks ready to be assigned.
  • Single task assignable to many.
  • Real time calculation of hours without reloading of calendar and displays the number of hours by user.
  • Drag-gable events helps the user to create tasks by just dragging them on the scheduler.
  • Filtration by resources.
  • Searching JOBS number via API and get result on the same view without reloading.
  • Auto-grouping feature to categorize the tasks in different categories – by zones, by floor level, by elements.
  • Distance calculation on single click.
  • Tracks history and undo feature.
  • Variety of tasks – Leaves / Service Call / Standard task with different design.
  • Minimization and restoration of tasks.
Admin Control

Enables the admin to change the preferences, labour rates and view the change log.

Forwarding Emails

Enables the user to forward the emails received on their email id to an API to get employee on work. This systems works in the backend.