It is a system/strategy for managing client interactions, dealing with future and current customers, optimizing and systematizing relationships.

Technologies Used

ASP.Net MVC Web API Microsoft Azure Dapper HTML5 Bootstrap jQuery Office 365 MS SQL Server


CRON expression is used to set logic i.e Automate monthly and regular email sending process.


  • Shared Azure infrastructure used for hosting.
  • Office 365 authorization with the azure active directory.
  • Development of Web API keeping Azure as its Repository w.r.t Dapper for ease in access.

Contacts | Upcoming activities | Completed activities | Leads | opportunities | Active TGO | Closed TGO

  • Initially, lead is made and kept quarantined to ensure Accounts and Contact database doesn't get cluttered with organization people.
  • If Lead is thought to be an opportunity i.e potential sales for a specific customer, then it is added to our current list of clients on getting an approval.
  • Then upcoming sales are checked, and updated.
  • Then Target Order(TGO) is converted to Close TGO.
  • This is how the Sales completed activities are added, converted and updated.